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HALIIO Professional Coffee


Harriet Coffee was founded in 1981. 

In the early days, coffee beans were imported, baked, wholesaled and retailed. In the environment where the Taiwan coffee market was not yet mature and there was a general lack of high-quality coffee bean suppliers, Hario was committed to providing high-quality coffee. Bean is also expected to be the most professional coffee supplier in Taiwan. Since its establishment, it has been continuously imported from the place of origin and has an international reputation for high-quality coffee in Central and South America. The quality has been well received by the public.

Competitive advantages

In Hario coffee, it has gradually become the mainstream commodity in Taiwan's coffee market. The establishment of BARISTA training center, in addition to training players, also provides our customers with complete employee education training course teaching, store planning, catering design diversification, and research and development of coffee. New MENU. Due to our continuous supply of many added value to our customers, due to our experienced bakers, professional BARISTA professional team, and high-tech production equipment, quality is our greatest commitment to our customers. Also because of our insistence, only the supply of quality coffee, professional attitude makes us always the largest importer of coffee in Central and South America.

The mission of creating delicate coffee beans
With a group of professional coffee team full of enthusiasm and vitality, after decades of experience, the catering market has experienced the ups and downs of the ups and downs, from production to quality control, we adhere to the most modern and strict standards, and continue to compete with the world's top The coffee bean business exchange process experience, adhere to the "professional, service, innovation" to create a world-class refined coffee beans has always been the mission of Hariou.

Rising the diet of the concept of vegetable food
After the integration of the business strategy in 1999, the French-style catering business model and the research and development of the Oufeng Italian sauce series were launched, which once again opened the dietary trend of the Taiwanese food and vegetable VAGEN concept, which further confirmed the modern people's pursuit of dietary health.
The issue of health/environment/love of the earth is spreading all over the world. The company's business philosophy and corporate connotation must be in line with the economy and ecology. The love and respect for the land will be sustainable and healthy. This is also the current and future of Hario. Continue to push the goal.

Imported raw bean baking process


Pure organic planting at an altitude of 800m in the mountainous area, each coffee bean needs to be screened and examined.


The water-selected coffee fruit is placed in a coffee peeler to remove the skin and pulp.

Sun exposure

Most countries use natural drying methods. When the drying is successful, the water content is about 11 to 12%, and the water content of the coffee beans that are generally exported is 12 to 13%.


When coffee beans are baked, the volume of coffee beans will expand, which is one-third larger than that of green beans. How to display the characteristics and flavor of coffee is the most important key, so how to proceed Baking is a technique and an art. Because different depths of baking determine the different personality and flavor of coffee beans, the baking depth of coffee beans can be roughly divided into three types: shallow baking, medium baking and deep baking.

Create exquisite coffee beans

From production to quality control, we adhere to the most modern and strict standards, and continue to communicate with the world's top coffee makers.

Roasted coffee─Manor boutique coffee beans

Central America
South America
Oceania production area
Asian production area

Small commercial coffee beans

The company's exclusive blending ratio of gold presents a perfect taste.

Ear-mounted featured follicular coffee

In the beautiful proportion of the mix, the coffee's soft and fragrant taste, the performance is complete. Compared with the commercially available lugs, it tastes smooth and fragrant, and it is endless.
It is the best choice for gift-giving and coffee lovers. Easy to carry, easy to brew, sweet and delicious, beautiful and beautiful

Coffee machine rental purchase

Acceptable installment payment, the person who is willing to call, come to the "shop" to send the store.

Selected flower and fruit tea

Triangle three-dimensional tea bag series
FC Tea Bag Series
Bulk European selection of flower and fruit tea

Concentrated juice

This series of products are made from natural juice or pulp. The diluted natural juice (fruit pulp) content is more than 30%, in line with CNS diluted natural juice specifications.
6 times concentrated, can be drunk according to the recommended multiple dilution with water. It can be used with various foods and beverages according to different industries; it can also be adjusted to the appropriate dilution ratio according to special needs.

Coffee related equipment

Filter cup
Cup holder
Filter paper
Coffee plug
Cotton pot
Classic delicious seasoning

French Vegetable Restaurant

Change your mood and choose a space where privacy is not disturbed. HALIIO's European Light Cafe, which is on the bank of the river Come to an exquisite French light meal, the quality of Western food service, Let you eat romantic and healthy.

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